Swaziland Youth Congress calls for democracy at National Congress

The biggest youth movement in Swaziland, the Swaziland Youth Congress, called for democracy at its 12th National Congress last weekend. The congress was held in South Africa because of repression in Swaziland against organisations who call for democracy.

The main theme of the first National Congress of the Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO) since 2013 was democracy and “reawakening youth zeal for liberation.” Read more of this post

Zonke needs help to appeal unfair 15-year sentence

zonkeWhere is the campaign and help for the appeal of Swazi activist Zonke Dlamini, who was tortured and sentenced to 15 years under repressive terror laws three years ago, asks his co-accused, Bheki Dlamini, who was released without charge?

Activist Zonke Dlamini was sentenced to 15 years in prison three years ago, on February 28. 2014, for allegedly petrol bombing the houses of two Swazi officials, an MP and a high-ranking police officer. Read more of this post

Youth league President acquitted of terrorist charges in absolute monarchy

Bheki Dlamini, President of the Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO), the youth wing of Swaziland’s largest illegal political party PUDEMO, and former education and mobilizing officer of the Foundation for Socio Economic Justice, has been acquitted of charges of terrorism and released from prison today after a protracted trial that saw him spending over three years in prison.

Speaking to a crowd that had gathered at Sidwashini Prison, waiting for his release, Bheki said “me walking out of prison does not mean freedom. This was a small jail and I’m walking out to a bigger jail until we attain freedom. Comrades let’s go work.” Read more of this post

Unge aktivister sultestrejker i Swaziland

Bheki Dlamini, højtstående PUDEMO-medlem og præsident for PUDEMOs ungdomsorganisation SWAYOCO, og aktivist Zonke Dlamini startede en sultestrejke mandag for at få sat gang i deres retsag, skriver People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) i en pressemeddelelse i dag.

”De har været fængslet siden 2010, og blev i sin tid nægtet løsladelse mod kaution da staten hævdede at de ville få en hurtig dom. Men deres sag er blevet udsat gentagende gange af tvivlsomme årsager”, skriver PUDEMO.

“Jeg tror helt ærligt, at det at de ikke blev løsladt mod kaution var ment som en besked til andre aktivister”, siger deres advokat Mary Pais Da Silva. Read more of this post

Swazi youth congress demands release of political prisoners

The Swaziland Youth Congress is to launch a campaign for the unconditional release of its President, Bheki Dlamini and other political prisoners on February 16. Bheki Dlamini is charged under the Swaziland Terrorism Act with planting petrol bombs in police officers and MP’s houses, a charge that he, SWAYOCO and the democratic movement in Swaziland deny. He has been in jail since June 2010.

“We remain convinced that these comrades are innocent, if anything they are guilty of demanding sustainable jobs for the youth, education for all and the unbanning of political parties. Their resistance and refusal to betray the people in the face of continued harassment, intimidation, isolation and incarceration makes us to fight with more vigor and renewed energy for their release,” SWAYOCO said in a National Excecutive meeting statement released Wednesday. Read more of this post

Bheki Dlamini charged with terrorism in Swaziland

Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice Volunteer, Bheki Dlamini 28, has been charged under Swaziland’s Suppression of Terrorism Act this morning in connection with the recent bombings in the country. Bheki Dlamini, who had been kept at an undisclosed location by police, was charged at Swaziland’s high court this afternoon.

According to a representative of the Swazi democratic movement the charges are ludicrous, as he claims that Dlamini could not possibly have committed the crimes he is charged with. Read more of this post