African Union to mediate between Western Sahara and Morocco

The African Union will facilitate direct talks between two of its member states, Western Sahara and Morocco, in order to secure a referendum on the status of Western Sahara, a territory that has been colonized by Morocco since 1975.

The Western Sahara conflict has been unresolved and in a deadlock more or less since the ceasefire between Western Sahara’s liberation movement Polisario and Morocco in 1991. Read more of this post

Gdeim Izik trial is political and based on torture says Sidahmed

I am a political prisoner, due to my peaceful struggle against the Moroccan colonisation of my native Western Sahara, Sidahmed Lemjayed stated in a testimony at the Gdeim Izik re-trial in Morocco yesterday. He denied all charges against him.

Yesterday, Sidahmed Lemjayed gave his testimony at the Gdeim Izik re-trial in Morocco, where he denied all charges against him of acts of “deadly violence” against Moroccan “public forces in the line of duty” during and after the violent Moroccan raid of the Saharawi Gdeim Izik protest camp. He also reiterated his claims that he was badly tortured during interrogation by Moroccan police. Read more of this post

International pressure to ensure fair re-trial for ‘unfairly convicted’ Saharawis

International presence and pressure is necessary to ensure a fair re-trial, set to continue on March 13, against the Gdeim Izik Group from Moroccan colony Western Sahara, who Amnesty International say were “unfairly convicted.”

In 2013, 21 members of the so-called Gdeim Izik Group were given sentences of between 20 years and life imprisonment in a Moroccan military court for allegedly belonging to a “criminal group” and for acts of “deadly violence” against Moroccan “public forces in the line of duty.” Read more of this post

Danish company stops salt imports from Western Sahara

IMG_3938Danish salt importer Dansk Vejsalt will not be importing de-icing salt from Africa’s last colony Western Sahara in the future, the company told Danish solidarity organisation Afrika Kontakt at a meeting on January 31.

“This is an important victory for the population of Western Sahara. It means that the occupation of the colony becomes a little less profitable. But it is also a victory for Afrika Kontakt, as we have continuously pressurized Dansk Vejsalt and their customers in Denmark,” says Jens Bruun Madsen from Afrikas Kontakt’s Western Sahara group. Read more of this post

Don’t trade with Western Sahara says Danish parliament

IMG_3490Thursday the Danish parliament unanimously passed a motion on Western Sahara that urges Danish companies and the Danish public sector not to trade with Africa’s last colony.

During the debate that preceded the vote, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen said he would talk to Danish companies to ensure that they know of the motion and the position the Danish parliament has now taken on Western Sahara. Read more of this post

Salt of the earth keeps conflict alive

IMG_3938Are a Danish company and three Danish municipalities helping to prop up Africa’s last colonizing power in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara, by buying conflict salt in violation of international law?

Where does the salt that arrived in Denmark from El Aaiun (Laayoune) Harbour in occupied Western Sahara on 2. February come from? This is a question that the Danish municipalities of Aabenraa, Haderslev and Tønder ought to be asking themselves, after they struck a deal with Danish salt distributor Dansk Vejsalt last year. Read more of this post

40 years a refugee

abbaThis November it is forty years ago that Morocco invaded and colonized Western Sahara (or Spanish Sahara as it was then known), today Africa’s last colony. Abba Malainin was only a child when he had to flee the war by foot through the desert to Algeria, to refugee camps where his family and thousands of other refugees still live today.

Tens of thousands of Western Saharas indigenous population, the Saharawis, fled the advancing Moroccan army and bomber planes across the border into neighbouring Algeria. Read more of this post