Ronaldinho supports colonization of Africa’s last colony

Former Brazilian football world champion Ronaldinho played a gala match in celebration of the anniversary of Morocco’s invasion of Western Sahara, together with several other former star players, on Tuesday.

Ronaldinho, who was named World Player of the Year three times, was joined by Rivaldo and Cafu from the Brasilian World Cup winning side of 2002 amongst other former star players, according to and Morocco World News. Read more of this post

Stop Western Sahara plunder, Jacinda

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern spoke of human rights and international cooperation at the UN. But what will she do about the fact that two New Zealand companies are the last buyers of phosphate rock from occupied Western Sahara?

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attracted a lot of media attention at the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week. Read more of this post

Corbyn as PM would matter in Western Sahara

The Saharawis of Africa’s last colony Western Sahara don’t have many friends in high places around the world. But if Corbyn’s Labour wins the next UK election it might prove to be a breakthrough in the protracted conflict and prevent a war.

The people of Western Sahara are patient. Amongst other things they have endured an invasion and a colonial war against colonizer Morocco that lasted from 1975 to 1991, and have waited ever since for the independence referendum that they were promised as part of the cease-fire. Read more of this post

Danish double standards on human rights

Denmark is fighting for a place on the UN Human Rights Council while supporting an EU fisheries agreement with Morocco that includes Western Sahara, in violation of international law and the ruling of the EU Court of Justice.

“As a member of the [UN Human Rights] Council, Denmark will work for … a world without torture, a world where indigenous peoples’ voices are heard and all their rights respected, a world in which human rights and the rule of law constitute the cornerstone of international and national structures in society.” Read more of this post

Denmark accepts Western Sahara fisheries negotiations

The Danish government accepts the European Commission line of negotiations of a new fisheries agreement with Morocco, which includes Western Sahara, even though it disregards two EU Court of Justice verdicts.

In a briefing note, published on Thursday, the Danish Government accepted the European Commission’s line of negotiations concerning a new fisheries agreement with Morocco. In the note, the Danish Government specifically mentions that Moroccan waters include Western Sahara. Read more of this post

Reports conclude that Gdeim Izik trial was unfair

The trial against the Gdeim Izik group was political and unfair, and the confessions of the accused were given under torture, two reports written by international observers conclude.

In July, 23 saharawis from Africa’s last colony Western Sahara were given harsh prison sentences of up to life imprisonment after two trials and nearly seven years in prison. The saharawis are all activists who fight for an independent Western Sahara, in accordance with international law. Read more of this post

Danish minister questioned over Western Sahara trade

The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation was criticized by two Danish MP’s in regard to Denmark’s and the EU’s intent to ignore the European Court of Justice ruling on trade with Moroccan colony Western Sahara.

Last Thursday in the Danish European Affairs Committee, the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs was questioned on a Danish government document that referred to EU-negotiations in regard to trade with Western Sahara. Read more of this post