Swaziland Youth Congress calls for democracy at National Congress

The biggest youth movement in Swaziland, the Swaziland Youth Congress, called for democracy at its 12th National Congress last weekend. The congress was held in South Africa because of repression in Swaziland against organisations who call for democracy.

The main theme of the first National Congress of the Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO) since 2013 was democracy and “reawakening youth zeal for liberation.” Read more of this post

Swazi criticism of government at “people’s parliament” is misplaced

Sonkhe_The recent criticism of the Swazi government from many Swazis is misplaced. They should be blaming the country’s absolute monarch, who recently assumed the chairmanship of SADC, says exiled political activist Sonkhe Dube.

How can there be democracy in Swaziland, when parliament treats the country’s absolute monarch King Mswati III as a god and when the whole cabinet and several member of parliament are elected by the King? And why do Swazis blame parliament for the country’s ills, when Mswati clearly has the last say on everything? Read more of this post

Royal greed and oppression sold as culture in Swaziland

Sonkhe_Swaziland’s king Mswati III passes suppression, unaccountability and royal opulent spending in the face of drought, starvation and poverty, as traditionally “Swazi” values.  Sonkhe Dube, a young exiled activist, begs to differ.

“The Swazi system of governance, ‘Tinkhundla’, is indeed unique”, says, Sonkhe Dube, who is the International Secretary of the Swaziland Youth Congress. “They claim it is a democratic institution that encompasses traditional form of leadership. But in a democratic state, the cabinet is not handpicked by a king who literally controls everything without being accountable to his citizens”. Read more of this post