Forbereder sig på Brexit

Ingen ved rigtigt hvor Brexit lander. Men i Gladsaxe er Brexit-forberedelserne i fuld sving, især hos et par af kommunens store firmaer.

Eksperterne er uenige om hvilke effekter Brexit får. Både for Storbritannien, EU-lande som Danmark, og lokalt i kommunerne.

En ting er de fleste dog enige om: forhandlingsforløbet mellem EU og Storbritannien har været kaotisk, Read more of this post

My promise could be your fiend

One of my all-time favourite albums, Post-punk classic New Order album Movement, was not well-received by critics or the band when it was released in 1981. A “definite edition” boxed set including demos, live sets and extra tracks, to be released on April 5, looks to set the record straight.

Movement was sandwiched between another classic album, Joy Division’s Closer, the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis and subsequent renaming of the band as New Order, and the new band’s massive future success Read more of this post

Brits in Denmark could face Brexodus

The Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and EU could sacrifice the freedom of movement of UK citizens living in the EU. The Danish Ministry of Immigration says the Danish government will decide what will happen to Brits in Denmark once negotiations are concluded.

The media talk a lot about a potential Brexodus, whereby the effects of Brexit leads to an exodus of EU-citizens from the UK. There is much less focus on the plight of the 1 million UK citizens living in the EU. Read more of this post

Frygter ”no-deal” Brexit

Der bor over en million briter i EU, omkring 18,000 af dem i Danmark. På grund af Storbritanniens ambivalente forhold til Europa gennem århundreder, risikerer de at blive offerlam for en ”no-deal”- Brexit.

Storbritanniens forhold til Europa har altid været ambivalent, selvom EU er briternes største handelspartner. Fra romernes, vikingernes og normanernes invasioner, til debatter om hvorvidt landet skulle blive en del af EF og beslutningen om at melde sig ud af EU. Read more of this post

British Euroscepticism and the prospect of a no-deal Brexit

Over a million Brits live in the EU, around 18.000 of them in Denmark. As a result of Britain’s ambivalent relationship with Europe through the ages, they are now facing uncertainty and frustration at the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Britain’s relationship with Europe has always been ambivalent. From the invasions of Britain by the Romans, Vikings and Normans to debates and votes on whether the UK should join the European Community and leave the EU. Read more of this post

Brexit means uncertainty

Confusion and uncertainty. That seemed to sum up the mood of many at an otherwise informative briefing for British Nationals in Denmark on citizens’ rights after the UK´s exit from the EU.

There are over 18.000 British citizens living in Denmark. Around 200 of them had turned up to hear about what Brexit would mean for them at a packed event hosted by the British Embassy in Copenhagen at the Danish Architecture Centre on Thursday. Read more of this post

Corbyn as PM would matter in Western Sahara

The Saharawis of Africa’s last colony Western Sahara don’t have many friends in high places around the world. But if Corbyn’s Labour wins the next UK election it might prove to be a breakthrough in the protracted conflict and prevent a war.

The people of Western Sahara are patient. Amongst other things they have endured an invasion and a colonial war against colonizer Morocco that lasted from 1975 to 1991, and have waited ever since for the independence referendum that they were promised as part of the cease-fire. Read more of this post