Denmark accepts Western Sahara fisheries negotiations

The Danish government accepts the European Commission line of negotiations of a new fisheries agreement with Morocco, which includes Western Sahara, even though it disregards two EU Court of Justice verdicts.

In a briefing note, published on Thursday, the Danish Government accepted the European Commission’s line of negotiations concerning a new fisheries agreement with Morocco. In the note, the Danish Government specifically mentions that Moroccan waters include Western Sahara. Read more of this post

EU sugar-coats absolute monarchy’s bitter pill

EU-support for Swaziland’s monarchy-controlled sugar industry undermines the fight for democracy, even though it nominally benefits smallholders, says new report from Danish solidarity organization.

A new report from Afrika Kontakt commends the EU for supporting Swaziland’s sugar industry, which benefits thousands of smallholder growers of sugar cane. The problem is, however, that the smallholder growers are also left vulnerable by sugar price fluctuations and transport costs, as well as by the corruption and undermining of the fight for democracy, Read more of this post

Danish minister questioned over Western Sahara trade

The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation was criticized by two Danish MP’s in regard to Denmark’s and the EU’s intent to ignore the European Court of Justice ruling on trade with Moroccan colony Western Sahara.

Last Thursday in the Danish European Affairs Committee, the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tørnæs was questioned on a Danish government document that referred to EU-negotiations in regard to trade with Western Sahara. Read more of this post

Danish company stops salt imports from Western Sahara

IMG_3938Danish salt importer Dansk Vejsalt will not be importing de-icing salt from Africa’s last colony Western Sahara in the future, the company told Danish solidarity organisation Afrika Kontakt at a meeting on January 31.

“This is an important victory for the population of Western Sahara. It means that the occupation of the colony becomes a little less profitable. But it is also a victory for Afrika Kontakt, as we have continuously pressurized Dansk Vejsalt and their customers in Denmark,” says Jens Bruun Madsen from Afrikas Kontakt’s Western Sahara group. Read more of this post

Brexit handler om protest, eliter, frygt og meget andet

threelionswinnerslosers”Should I stay or should I go? If I go there will be trouble, and if I stay it will be double”. Sådan sang The Clash i 1981, året hvor sorte englændere i Brixton gjorde oprør imod diskrimination og arbejdsløshed. Og måske er denne sang det mest passende soundtrack til Storbritannien lige nu, hvor den Britiske union samlet set stemte sig ud af EU med noget nær mindst mulige margen.

For Briterne var rygende uenige. Land med by. Rig med fattig. Skotland og Nordirland med England og Wales. En højrefløj, der ville ud af EU for at ”få deres land tilbage”, og for at stoppe hvad de ser som en uacceptabel høj tilstrømning af østeuropæere og flygtninge. Read more of this post

Absolute monarch in talks with banned political parties

Mario Masuku_smallSwaziland has been an absolute monarchy for decades, but absolute monarch King Mswati III is being pressed by both the country’s democratic movement, the Commonwealth and the EU to discuss democratic reforms.

“At the moment the king regards us as people who want to destroy the country, but once we have talked with him he will know what the people want”, says president of the People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), Mario Masuku. Read more of this post

Denmark adopts new policy on Western Sahara

”The report sends a clear signal to Morocco that we will not turn a blind eye to their repeated human rights violations in Western Sahara,” Christian Juhl from the Danish party the Red-Green Alliance said in a press statement Saturday, commenting on the Danish Foreign Affairs Committee’s newly adopted report on Western Sahara.

The report, which was approved by a clear majority of Danish Parliamentary parties, amongst other things stated that Danmark will continue to support the endeavors of the United Nations Read more of this post