Links Swaziland


Times of Swaziland – independent Swazi newspaper

The Swazi Observer – government-owned Swazi newspaper

The Nation – Swaziland’s leading independent magazine

The Swaziland – news

Swazi TV – news updates from Swazi TV

Government of Swaziland – news updates et al from the Swazi government (follow Mswati III’s plane around the world)

Swazi Media Commentary – a blog that focuses on human rights in Swaziland

Swazi Media – Twitter updates from Swaziland

Swazi Leaks – Twitting everything Swaziland

Afrika Kontakt – news on democracy in Swaziland from Denmark

Visit Swaziland – unofficial tourist site telling the truth about Swaziland

BBC – profile of Swaziland from the British Broadcasting Corporation

The Guardian – news about Swaziland from British newspaper The Guardian


People’s United Democratic Movement – a political movement committed to the creation, protection and promotion of a constitutional multi-party democracy

Swaziland National Association of Teachers – Teacher’s union in Swaziland

Swaziland Single Mothers’ Organization – an organisation working with poor and marginalised single mothers

Swaziapril12zing – Website of the 12th April Swazi uprising movement

Delegation of the EU – Swaziland


Interview with SFL and former SUDF General Secretary Vincent Ncongwane

Interview with former SFTU leader Jan Sithole

People’s United Democratic Movement You Tube Channel

Without the King – film about Swaziland (full movie here and here)

Swaziland, an absolute monarchy in Africa, France24

Swaziland’s political prisoners, SABC Special Assignment

Swaziland in crisis, Mail & Guardian

Life of a Swazi student, MISA Swaziland

Swaziland – UN TV

Interview – activist Bheki Dlamini, SWAYOCO

Presentation – Wandile Dludlu, SUDF

Swaziland – Africa’s last monarchy – documentary about activist Bheki Dlamini


Afrobarometer – Swaziland

The beginning of the end? 2012, A year in the struggle for democracy in Swaziland –  by Richard Rooney (read all Rooney’s publications and other Swaziland-related documents here)

The end of the beginning? – 2011, A year in the struggle for freedom in Swaziland – by Richard Rooney

Situation report 2012, Institute for Security Studies – Swaziland

Human Development Index – Swaziland

The World Factbook – Swaziland

Country Strategy Paper – Swaziland and EU

The law and legal research in Swaziland – GlobalLex

IFES Election Guide – Swaziland

African Elections Database – Swaziland

ILO – Swaziland

ILO – Swaziland 2013 Interim Report (TUCOSWA)

ILO – Swaziland DWCP 2010

Freedom House, “Swaziland – a failed feudal state” – Swaziland

Freedom House 2016 report

Freedom House democracy, human rights and political index – Swaziland

UNICEF statistics – Swaziland

Avert HIV and AIDS facts – Swaziland

UN Human Rights – Swaziland

Health statistics – Swaziland

Censorship in newsrooms in Swaziland – A report on media censorship by Richard Rooney

Unheard voices, Media Freedom and Censorship in Swaziland – Book on media censorship by Richard Rooney

Mario Masuku, “The prison, my home” – Account of the PUDEMO president’s remand from 2008 to 2009

Mario Masuku, Autobiography

Media Institute of Southern Africa – Swaziland

Committee to Protect Journalists – Swaziland

Swaziland Legal information – Swaziland Legal Information Institute

NationMaster information and statistics – Swaziland

Prevention Web disaster statistics – Swaziland

Economy Watch economic indicators – Swaziland

Doing Business Data – Swaziland

Index of Economic Freedom – Swaziland

The World Bank – Swaziland

The World Bank – Swaziland data

IMF – Swaziland (2013 report)

UNDP – Swaziland

UNICEF, Violence against children – Swaziland

Homophobia in Swaziland – International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission


Government of Swaziland – the official home page of the government of Swaziland

The Manzini Declaration – a mission statement, which affirms the SUDFs commitment to human rights and sets out its views on a number of substantive issues in relation to the basic rights of people in Swaziland

Constitution of Swaziland – the constitution of Swaziland

Swaziland Suppression of Terrorism Act – A law that, according to Amnesty International, is “[in] breach [of] Swaziland’s obligations under international and regional human rights law and the Swaziland Constitution”

Budget 2012 – Swaziland

Budget speech 2013 – Swaziland

Swaziland legislation – World Law Guide

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