Links Western Sahara


Sahara Press Service – News from Western Sahara

WRSW– News from Western Sahara Resource Watc

SaharaDoc – Documents about Western Sahara (English)

RASD News – News from Western Sahara

Sahara Voice – YouTube news

AFAPREDESA – News from Western Sahara in Arabic (English)

Senia Bachir Abderahman – Twitter

RASD TV – TV from the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic

Sahara Occidental – News about Western Sahara

Poemario por un Sahara Libre – News about Western Sahara (English)

Adala UK – Human Rights news about Western Sahara

Sandblast – Voices and visions from Western Sahara

Dessertification – All about drought, desertification and poverty in the dryland

ARSO – Links to news and documentation about Western Sahara

IAJUWS – Legal news from Western Sahara

Tidsskriften Västsahara – Magazine about Western Sahara (in Swedish)

Støttekomitteen for Vestsahara– The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara (in Norwegian)

Sahrawi Association of Victims of Grave Human Rights Violations Committed by the Moroccan State – News about Western Sahara

Africa Contact – Free Western Sahara campaign (with articles in Danish and English) and News Letter (in Danish)

Emmanaus– About Western Sahara (in Swedish)

Danish Embassy – Morocco

UK Embassy – Morocco

Minurso – UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara


We are Saharawis, BBC documentary, 2008

Tensions in Western Sahara, Al Jazeera report, 2010

Interviews with Saharawi activist Bouamoud Mohamed about torture, intifada, and Agadeim Izik.

Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic 35th anniversary celebrations, 27th and 28th of February 2011

Dromedarerne i djævelens have, Danish documentary, 2011

Gdeim Izik – The Sahrawi Resistance Camp – Documentary about Gdeim Izik

Children of the clouds – Documentary from El Aaiun by Carlos Gonzalez, 2007

La Badil – Documentary about Gdeim Izik and occupied Sahara by Dominic Brown

Al Khadra: Poet of the dessert – Al Jazeera documentary

Western Sahara: the world’s forgotten refugees – The Guardian

Western Sahara: who benefits from exporting fish and phosphates? – The Guardian

In Western Sahara – a forgotten struggle – The Washington Post

EU, fiskene og det glemte folk (part 2)- with Senia Bachir-Abderahman and Abba Malainin

Sons of the clouds – Documentary by Javier Bardem

The Sahara’s forgotten war – Vice News

Strife in the Sahara – Washington Post

Morocco’s offshore oil dispute – BBC News

Refugees for nearly 40 years consider return to conflict – Washington Post

Could war come back to Western Sahara? – Washington Post

Western Sahara – UN TV

Sahara Voice – YouTube news


UN resolutions on Western Sahara

UN Secretary general Reports on Western Sahara

UNHCR reports on Western Sahara

World Food Programme – Algeria and Western Sahara

International Court of Justice advisory opinion on Western Sahara

Summary of the International Court of Justice advisory opinion on Western Sahara

Hans Correll’s UN Opinion from 2002 concerning Western Saharan resources

European Parliament Legal Opinion from 2009 concerning the illegality of selling Western Sahara’s resources

UN Charter article 73, on non-self governing territories

EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement

Moroccan Initiative for Western Sahara – Polisarios proposal


Saharawis: Poor people in a rich country, Saharawi Natural Resources Watch

Freedom House 2016 report

Human Rights Watch Report 2016 Morocco/Western Sahara

Gdeim Izik report – CODAPSO

Protracted Saharawi displacement, Refugee Studies Centre, 2011

Morocco/Western Sahara report,  Amnesty International, 2016

Report on Legal Issues involcved in the Western Sahara Dispute: Use of Natural Resources, New York City Bar, Committee on United Nations, 2011

RFK Center Report 2011 on Human Rights abuses in Western Sahara

U.S. Department of State Human Rights Report on Western Sahara 2012

Human Rights in Western Sahara and in the Tindouf Refugee Camps, Human Rights Watch 2008

Western Sahara: The cost of the conflict, International Crisis Group  2007

The right to self-determination and natural resources: The case of Western Sahara, Hans Morten Haugen 2007

Between the strong sand and white snow lives my hope for a free Sahara, book by Asria Mohamed Taleb

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