God will bring down the rains

Swaziland PUDEMO (2) 176Climate change has brought on a severe drought in the small absolute monarchy of Swaziland. The solution to the crisis is literally to pray for rain, says the country’s absolute monarch. No, we need a democratic government that does not treat its people as enemies, says a young activist.

In Swaziland, where two thirds of Swaziland’s population survives on less than a dollar a day, a lengthy drought has caused an extreme lack of water, subsequent falling crop yields and the death of thousands of cattle in Swaziland’s rural areas. People in the rural areas could starve to death if urgent action is not taken, two local researchers recently stated in the American Journal of Agriculture and Forestry. Read more of this post

Klimakrisen er allerede i gang i det sydlige Afrika

Swaziland3 080910 320Mens klimaforskerne har dumpet COP21-aftalen, for ikke at indeholde konkrete CO2-forpligtelser, og er enige om, at de globale udledninger af CO2 skal falde til stort set nul fra 2050, er klimakrisens effekter allerede nu en realitet i det sydlige Afrika.

Ifølge FN vil temperaturene stige mellem 3,5 og 4 grader ved århundredeskiftet, hvis vi ikke handler hurtigt. Effekterne af denne stigning vil blive ekstrem på det afrikanske kontinent, og vil ifølge Verdensbanken medføre et kraftigt fald i verdens høstudbytte. Read more of this post

The dialogue that disappeared

Swaziland's parliament protected by barbed wire 300pxIn September, there were high hopes in some parts of Swaziland’s civil society and democratic movement that a dialogue with the county’s absolute monarch King Mswati III was on the table. Not least because of pressure from the Commonwealth, the USA and the EU. Three months later no such meeting has taken place and that hope seems all but shattered.

The meeting was to have taken place between king Mswati III, who has ruled Swaziland almost single-handedly for 30 years, and the so-called G15 group, Read more of this post

Swaziland documentary nominated for international award

Bheki Dlamini SKB“Swaziland – Africa’s last monarchy”, a documentary film about activist Bheki Dlamini by award-winning Danish investigative journalist Tom Heinemann, has been nominated in the short film category at the Al-Jazeera International Film Festival.

The main character in the documentary, young activist Bheki Dlamini, says that he is pleased with the nomination as well as with the publicity that the film has given the struggle for democracy and social justice in his homeland of Swaziland. Read more of this post

Dansk dokumentarfilm nomineret til international filmpris

Bheki Dlamini SKBDen prisbelønnede danske journalist og dokumentarist Tom Heinemanns film, ”Swaziland – det sidste enevælde” om aktivisten Bheki Dlamini, er blevet nomineret til prisen som bedste kortfilm på Al-Jazeera International Film Festival, sammen med film fra blandt andet USA, Kina, Indien og Kenya.

”Swaziland – det sidste enevælde” blev vist på DR2 i august, som en del af serien ”De ukuelige”. Serien, som Tom Heinemann har lavet sammen med norske Erling Borgen, portrætterer menneskerettighedsforkæmpere fra forskellige dele af verden. Read more of this post

Students must lead the struggle in Swaziland

Njabulo, first from the right (brown jacket) 300pxIn the small absolute monarchy of Swaziland the struggle to get a decent education is connected to the struggle for political freedom. Student activist Njabulo Mazibuko has written about what implications this understanding has for himself and his fellow students.

“We are not masters of our political fate, but slaves of circumstance. The paths of rationality are blocked, and as students we all have to take responsibility for addressing the political issues that are overlooked day after day”, Njabulo Mazibuko writes in his essay, which is called The Need for More Student Activism. Read more of this post

Vil tale demokrati med enevældig konge

Mario Masuku_Swaziland har været et enevældigt kongedømme i over fire årtier, efter at landet blev uafhængigt fra kolonimagten Storbritannien i 1968. Men nu bliver landets enevældige konge Mswati III presset af både landets demokratibevægelse, Commonwealth og EU til at diskutere demokratiske reformer.

”Kongen mener at vi prøver at ødelægge landet, men hvis og når vi får mulighed for at tale med ham, vil han få at vide hvad folket ønsker”, siger Mario Masuku, der er præsident for Swaziland største politiske parti, PUDEMO. Read more of this post


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