China in your hand

Swaziland is the only African country to retain ties with Taiwan. China is now compelling the Swazi regime to sever these ties.

Western countries have not exerted much pressure on Swaziland’s absolute monarchy to rectify its lack of democracy and human rights. Neither has another democracy, the People’s Republic of China, more commonly known as Taiwan. A country with whom Swaziland (renamed Eswatini by King Mswati III in 2018) – as the only country In Africa – has diplomatic ties with. Read more of this post

Futsal in occupied territory

If you are not familiar with the history of Western Sahara, you might be excused for believing that the 2020 Africa Futsal Cup of Nations will be played in Morocco. After all, the tournament logo says “Morocco”, and FIFA and Wikipedia claim that the tournament will be held in “Morocco”.

But if you look a little closer you can see that the tournament is to be held in Laayoune (El Aaiun), the capital of Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara, where the draw for the tournament also took place. Read more of this post

I met the real Super Mario

I cannot claim to have met Nelson Mandela. Or Steve Biko. Or Patrice Lumumba. Or Thomas Sankara. But I have met Mario Masuku – the former leader of Swaziland’s biggest democratic movement, PUDEMO.

Super Mario Bros. is one of the world’s most popular arcade and computer games – a game that my sons still love to play in newer versions. A game where the hero – Super Mario – has to endure all manner of dangers in trying to defeat the main villain or antagonist King Koopa Read more of this post

Beckham will not be celebrating occupation

Reports that UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and former famous footballer, David Beckham, would be attending a celebration of the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara is fake news, according to UNICEF.

Tuesday, Moroccan World News reported that former English international David Beckham would be attending a celebration of the 44th anniversary of the so-called Green March, where 350.000 Moroccan civilians entered Spanish Sahara (now Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara). Read more of this post

Norwegians protest against police shooting

Norwegian union confederation protests police brutality against striking workers in Swaziland.

In a letter sent to Swazi Prime Minister, Ambrose Mandvulo, on Tuesday, the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, LO Norway, protests against police firing rubber bullets and teargas at public sector workers on strike last week. Several of the strikers, who were demanding cost of living adjustments and a 7,85 per cent salary increase, were injured. Read more of this post

Finally able to vote

Bheki Dlamini had to flee his native Swaziland because he fought for democracy. Monday he voted for the first time – in Norway, where he lives in exile.

– Casting my vote got me thinking. This is my first ever vote and it is happening in a foreign land. In my homeland, Swaziland, I’ve never voted – simply because we don’t have multiparty elections. The elections in Norway serve as a source of strength in pursuit of freedom and democracy at home, says Swazi political activist, Bheki Dlaimini. Read more of this post

Run over and killed by Moroccan occupation forces

A young Saharawi-woman was run over by a Moroccan auxiliary vehicle during celebrations of the Algerian victory in the African Nations Cup Friday evening. She later died of her injuries.

The celebrations of the Algerian national football team’s 1-0 victory over Senegal in the final of the African Nations Cup have been widespread. Not least in Algeria and the country’s former colonial power France, where many Algerians live. Read more of this post

Musa convicted and sent to prison

Former student leader and human rights activist Musa Ngubeni was convicted of contravening Swaziland’s Explosives ACT of 1961 by magistrate Joe Gumedze on Tuesday.

He was whisked away to prison after the conviction and is expected to appear in court on May 21 for sentencing.

Musa Ngubeni was arrested together with student leader Maxwell Dlamini in 2011 and charged with contravening the Explosives Act. They were both arrested during protests against absolute monarch King Mswati III’s government. Read more of this post

Norwegian Labour Party criticises Mswati

The largest political party in the Norwegian parliament, the Norwegian Labour Party Arbeiderpartiet, criticised the absolute monarchy of Swaziland in a resolution presented at its national congress.

– Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) is one of the world’s last absolute monarchies. King Mswati has almost absolute power. While the population of Eswatini suffers from partial extreme poverty, the king lives an extravagant life of luxury.  Swaziland has the highest rate of HIV-Aids-infection per capita. Read more of this post

My promise could be your fiend

One of my all-time favourite albums, Post-punk classic New Order album Movement, was not well-received by critics or the band when it was released in 1981. A “definite edition” boxed set including demos, live sets and extra tracks, to be released on April 5, looks to set the record straight.

Movement was sandwiched between another classic album, Joy Division’s Closer, the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis and subsequent renaming of the band as New Order, and the new band’s massive future success Read more of this post