Peter KenworthyKenworthy News Media is written and published by sociologist / journalist, Peter Kenworthy.

I have a masters degree in International Development Studies and English and a BA (single subject course) in Journalism. I am a contributing author to “African Awakening: The emerging revolutions“. I have also worked both as a solidarity worker in Africa, for several Danish NGOs and as a communications officer.

I have been to all the countries that I have written about, including a 4-month stint in Zambia and Zimbabwe as a solidarity worker, several project visits (and a visit to the local police station) to Swaziland, and several visits to the Saharawi refugee camps, including as part of the delegation to the 35th anniversary of the Western Saharan exile government in Tindouf, Algeria,  and Tifariti, Western Sahara.

Said about Kenworthy News Media:

Very competent presentation“, Lisa Ann Richey, Professor of International Development Studies, Roskilde University

Thank you for your efforts to make awareness about this important issue“, Abba Malainin, Polisario representative to Denmark

I like the style you took with this topic. It isn’t typical that you simply discover a subject so to the point and enlightening“, Myra

I do agree that enough is enough“, Abigail

Thanks for the honest analysis of the Swazi struggle“, Mncedisi Dlamini

Tak til Peter Kenworthy for at dele de barske oplevelser med os og gøre det levende for os alle – endnu en gang, men uhyre nødvendigt – hvor barske vilkårene er for menneskerettighedsforkæmpere andre steder i verden“, Kirsten Lund Larsen, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

The article is just superb. It is amazing how you manage to put everything together so perfectly“, Beatrice Bitchong, SWASMO

Great article indeed“, Bongani Masuku, COSATU International Relations Secretary

Very interesting reading“, Zanna Rodrigues, Assistant editor, Pambazuka News

I really enjoyed it and thought it was very interesting“, Matthew Cookson, Socialist Worker

Super stuff!“, Konstantina Isidoros, doctoral researcher on Western Sahara at Oxford University

Keep updating! We are many around the world watching the situation“, Marc

We have very much appreciated the series of articles that you have been sending to us at Pambazuka News“, Firoze Manji, Editor in chief, Pambazuka News and Pambazuka Press

I wonder how much you got paid by the Algerian petrodollar for this poor and bias article?“, Rachid

It most certainly is not junk!“, Kudakwashe Chitsike, the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU)

En rigtig god artikel!”, STOP Politisk Vold Mod Kvinder i Zimbabwe

Velskreven artikel“, Sune Borkfeldt, Redaktør, Vegetaren

Manipulation“, Hakima Lakhrissi

God og velskrevet. Jo mere fokus vi kan få på LGBT rettigheder i udviklingsarbejdet jo bedre“, Anna Raahauge, AIDS-Fondet

I enjoy your articles on Swaziland and they are indeed making a lot of impact,” Bethuel Thai, Managing Editor, Public Eye Newspapers

Super god kommentar,” Svend-Erik, Arbejderen

Peter Kenworthy sætter fingeren præcis ned i det (måske falske?) dilemma, som mange indsamlings-afhængige organisationer står i,” Tune Nyborg, Projektrådgivningen

Excellent,” Willem Van Cotthem, Botany Professor and former UN scientific consultant

His allusion displays a pedantic and patronizing tone,” Teresa Debly

Outrageously far from the truth,” Swazi April 12 Uprising

I think what you said needed to be said. I am sorry to see that you are being attacked by people who should know better,” Richard Rooney, Swazi Media Commentary

As a matter of fact, people do constantly ‘cry wolf’ in Swaziland … As a matter of fact, April 12, 2011 was a big flop … As a matter of fact, April 12, 2012 was a big flop, too. So let us please all say so and stop kvetching about it. The masses did not come out. Face it,” Dominic Tweedie, Swazi Solidarity Network forum

Jeg har læst dine indlæg. De er gode” – Camilla Laudrup, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke

It is fantastic,” Dominic Brown, independent film maker

Great piece – the views expressed here are widely shared among Saharawi youth,” Mohamed Sale

Tak for spændende og tankevækkende læsning,” Mette Møller-Larsen

”I am a regular reader of your excellent blog,” Marcus Schneider, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Skidegodt“, Ingrid Pedersen, Mediehuset Rubrik

Det er en rigtig god artikel!”, Sanne Borges, Amnesty International

Du beskriver mange vigtige problemstillinger meget kvalificeret. Det er vi super glade for, Ulla, Arbejderen

Sejt!!”, Marie Villumsen, Institut for Menneskerettigheder

Forfriskende, jordnært og realistisk indlæg“, Jytte Nhanenge, author of “Ecofeminism : Towards Integrating the Concerns of Women, Poor People, and Nature into Development

Tak for din fine artikel“, Richardt Heers, LGBT Danmark

We are so excited about the article,” Cebile, SWAPOL

An insightful piece on Swaziland’s LGBT organization House of Our Pride“, Kato Foundation (FB)

Such a moving story“, Ahmed Kamara, Publisher and Managing Editor, Newstime Africa

jf artiklen ‘Vestsahara: 35 års kolonisering og eksil er nok‘, Afrika Kontakt“, Forslag til Folketingsbeslutning om anerkendelse af SADR (Vestsahara)

Den er på tavlen“, Christian Juhl, udenrigsordfører for Enhedslisten (om spørgsmål fra Peter Kenworthy om Vestsahara i Folketingssalen til Udenrigsminister Martin Lidegaard)

Tak for din kronik. Den er god, og beskriver på bedste vis også mange af de historier jeg kender”, Ellen Ryg Olsen, læge og forfatter til Syg på Tvangsarbejde

Spændende læsning! Og godt reframet“, Lisbeth Dolberg, freelance journalist

Very interesting article written by an expert who has just spent a week with the saharawi refugees“, Zahra Ramdán Ahmed, founder and President, Asociación de Mujeres Saharauis en España (AMSE)

You most be the last of living ignorant morons Mr. Kenworthy“, Jalal Nali

Skønt med lidt positiv omtale“, Susanne Severinsen, Børnehusleder, Børnehuset Gnisten

Tak for en opløftende og inspirerende artikel“, Jesper Larsen

Damn good reasoning!“, Chuck Woolery, environmentalist and activist

Jeg synes at Peter Kenworthy tegner et forfejlet billede af Enhedslistens arbejde, og at han opstiller en række falske modsætninger“, Maria Reumert Gjerding, parliamentary candidate for the Red-Green Alliance

Rigtig god artikel!“, Clara Anahi Friis-Rasmussen, Master of Social Science, International Development Studies

Er bare så enig!“, Anne Grete Camara, chairperson, Børn Uden Grænser

Dit indlæg bør læses af ALLE voksne mennesker i dette land“, Kirsten Hansen, skolelærer

Marvelous piece“, Charles Liebling, human rights consultant, blogger about Western Sahara

Impressive analysis, you have nailed it on the head“, Mkhonzeni Dlamini, author of Phoenix mysteries – memoirs of a born oppressed.

Very nice piece about something I knew nothing about“, Justin Cremer, editor, The Local

Beautiful but sad piece“, Jovial Rantao, Editor, African Independent


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