Maxwell gets student activist award

Swazi activist and student leader, Maxwell Dlamini, has been given the All-Africa Students’ Union’s 2013 Student Activist Award, for ”the role he has played in Swazi and African students’ movements.”

”The Union truly appreciates your many years of dedication and commitment to promoting students welfare and development. You truly epitomize the spirit of this award,” the All-Africa Students’ Union wrote in the awards letter sent to Maxwell.

”I feel humbled and honoured to receive such a prestigious award in recognition of our many years of dedication and commitment to promoting student’s welfare and development”, Maxwell Dlamini said in a statement.

”I dedicate this award to the ordinary students who have been denied scholarships, without decent jobs, without education and all those who have been injured, butchered, beaten, arrested, tortured and forced into exile while we were fighting for democracy and students rights. Our struggle is noble and will be victorious despite the setbacks. and brutal repression we receive from the state.”

There was a ceremony to go with the award in Accra, Ghana, on Monday, but Maxwell could not attend because the police have his passport as part of his strict bail terms.

Maxwell Dlamini was detained in 2011, together with fellow activist Musa Ngubeni, on charges of contravening Swaziland’s Explosives Act. Both Maxwell and Musa claim that they were tortured during their detainment in 2011. They were both released on bail in February 2012, although Maxwell was both arrested and released on bail yet again in 2013.

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