Swazi activist Stones Ginindza passes away

I was with great sorrow that Africa Contact has learnt that long-serving Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice (FSEJ) Secretary General to the Board, Stones Ginindza, has passed away.

Stones Ginindza was a dear and long-serving partner of Africa Contact as well as being a major capacity in Swaziland’s democratic movement, where she also served as Secretary General for the Swaziland National Association of Teachers and Chairperson of Swaziland Network Campaign for Education for All, amongst other things.

”Stones has played an important role in the partnership between FSEJ and Africa Contact,” says Africa Contact’s Head of Secretariat, Morten Nielsen. ”As a member of FSEJ’s board, she understood straightaway that FSEJ could play an important strategic role in joining and strengthening the various grass roots movements that are members of FSEJ. Stones’ efforts have therefore been vital in making the democracy movement what it is today. We in Africa Contact, and the many others who fight for democracy in Swaziland, have lost an important ally with the passing away of Stones. She will be remembered and revered for her efforts in posterity.”

Stones visited Denmark in 2009, where she amongst other things spoke about political oppression in Swaziland at a public meeting arranged by Africa Contact, met with Danish Foreign Ministry officials, and gave interviews to the Danish press.

The will be a Memorial Service tomorrow, Saturday June 15, and Stones will be laid to rest on Sunday June 16 after a short prayer in her home.

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