People from around the world want to Free Wonder

Since the campaign to Free Wonder Mkhonza started on April 16, hundreds of people from around the world have petitioned Swaziland’s government to free him.

Trade unionist and pro-democracy activist Wonder Mkhonza was detained by Swazi police on Friday April 12 and later charged with sedition for being in possession of 5000 political pamphlets.

Nearly 400 people from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, neighbouring South Africa and Africa in general, and as far away as the USA and Australia, have petitioned for his release in the first couple of days of the campaign. Many have left messages of support.

Many of these messages spoke of Swaziland’s poor human rights record and the many laughable trumped up charges that the regime charge pro-democracy activists such as Wonder with. “Human Rights are just on paper in Swaziland,” said Gcinaphi from South Africa. “Nobody should be arrested for possessing pamphlets,” stated Mona from Denmark.

Others lauded Wonder for his efforts and sacrifice. “Wonder is a peace-loving citizen of Swaziland. He is one of the many Swazi’s that live with the hope that someday Swaziland shall be a country governed by the people and they themselves should be key role players in bringing that democracy,” wrote Sebenzile from Swaziland.

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