Danish protest against Moroccan kangaroo court

Today, representatives of Danish solidarity organization Africa Contact, the Danish political party the Red-Green Alliance, Polisario, and others staged a protest outside the Moroccan Embassy in Copenhagen.

The focus of the protest was the Moroccan military court case against 23 human right activists from occupied Western Sahara that is to commence on the first of February.

”We are standing here because we want to show our solidarity with their struggle, and also because we want to show our protest with the Moroccan state and the way they are running court cases against political activists,” said Morten Nielsen, head of Secretariat at Africa Contact.

“There are protests like this around the world, from Canada and Ghana to Palestine, to the US and France and Spain. All over the world people are standing in front of Moroccan embassies and showing their protest with what is going on with the political prisoners.”

The 23 Saharawis have been on remand without charge since Moroccan security forces raided the Gdeim Izik protest camp, which was set up to protest discrimination and human rights violations in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara, in November 2010. If convicted, they could face life imprisonment.

According to Brahim Dahane , president of the Saharawi Association of Victims of Grave Human Rights Violations, the 23 have experienced “torture, ill-treatment and even rape, and have organised several hunger strikes” whilst in remand.

See video of protest

Læs artiklen på dansk

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