South African union gives support to striking Swazi teachers

The South African Public Servants Association (PSA), that represents over 200.000 South African public servants, is calling “for a speedy resolution of the on-going public service unrest in neighboring Swaziland.”

In a statement today [7. August], the union condemned the Swazi regimes handling of the “protracted strike by teachers belonging to the Swaziland National Union of Teachers” that has been underway for six weeks now, including the attempted wage reductions and firing of over 200 teachers for participating in the strike action.

“Workers are demanding a cost-of-living adjustment of 4,5%, which is well below the rate of inflation in Swaziland and a mere fraction of the 30% increase afforded to Swaziland’s parliamentarians”, said PSA General Manager, Danny Adonis, in the statement.

“Reports of a looming strike by nine parastatals, including three involved with essential services and intimidation and physical assault of striking workers by riot police and armed forces are viewed in a serious light. The on-going unrest is having a serious spill-over effect on various terrains, including education and the entire economy of the financially-embattled country. Serious commitment is required from the Swaziland government to fend off a national disaster”, said Adonis.

Read full statement here

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