SUDF salutes united Swazi trade federation

“SUDF humbly wishes to welcome and salute the launch of TUCOSWA [the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland] as the giant labour federation in our country Swaziland. This comes at a time when unity and cohesion in the working class is of paramount importance,” the Swaziland United Democratic Front, an umbrella organisation of all progressive democratic forces in Swaziland, said in a statement yesterday.

TUCOSWA is to hold its first congress next weekend, and absolute monarch King Mswati III’s regime has wasted no time in harassing TUCOSWA, amongst other things by trying to sabotage the registration of the trade federation and having police turn up in numbers and try to stop its meetings by force.

The trade unions have historically played a leading role in the struggle for democracy and socio-economic rights in Swaziland, not least because they are the only organisations legally allowed to hold demonstrations through the Industrial Act. The launch of a united and strengthened union, with well over 50,000 members, will therefore secure that the trade union movement will have an important role to play in the future as well, says the SUDF.

“Workers have lived up to their word of finally forming this gigantic force. The Trade union history and course will definitely take a turn for even better and bigger victories for the poor and exploited multitudes of our land. The Swazi struggle could have not got a better infusion and revitalization, than one of a work force with a common mandate, vision and mission.”

Section 4.2 of TUCOSWA’s constitution states that the trade federation will “promote, encourage and assist in strengthening the democratic rights of workers in the Kingdom of Swaziland,” and it also “affirms its commitment to the establishment of a democratic society anchored on social justice.”

The SUDF pledged to support the new labour federation, and urged others both within Swaziland and abroad, to do the same. “SUDF makes a sacred covenant to support and collaborate at all levels with this new force for change. We as an umbrella body of all progressives in the country urge all Swazis and the world at large to help consolidate and advance this mass power organ.”

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