Free Maxwell Campaign supports protests in Swaziland

Below is a press release from the Free Maxwell Dlamini Campaign in support of the ongoing protests against Swaziland’s absolute monarchy.

“The Free Maxwell Dlamini Campaign commends and supports the thousands of Swazis who have taken to the streets this week during the Global Week of Action to demand Multi-party democracy and socio-economic justice, as well as all of the Swazis who have stayed at home, fearing yet another violent response by the regime’s police forces.

And we reiterate our demand for the unconditional release of Maxwell Dlamini and all other political prisoners in Swaziland, as the protesters have done in numerous speeches during the past two days.

“The Free Maxwell campaign is flagged almost by every speaker,” says Dumezweni Dlamini of the Swazi NGO, Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice.

Between one and two thousand people took to the streets yesterday, and between five hundred and a thousand on Monday, to demand democratisation and social reform in Africa’s last absolute monarchy, Swaziland, and the release of all political prisoners.

Peter Kenworthy, Campaign Coordinator of the Free Maxwell Dlamini Campaign.”

Read more:

Swaziland: uprising in the slip-stream of North Africa

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