Support the Free Maxwell Dlamini Campaign

The Free Maxwell Dlamini Campaign, which was launced today, urges people and organisations to stand up for human rights and the rule of law in Swaziland by supporting its call to free Maxwell Dlamini.

Maxwell Dlamini, the President of the Swaziland National Union of Students, has been detained, tortured, and forced by Swaziland’s regime to sign a confession that says he was in possession of explosives during the April 12 Swazi Uprising – a movement inspired by similar uprisings in North Africa and The Middle East.

The Free Maxwell Dlamini Campaign demands that Maxwell Dlamini is released unconditionally and that any and all wrongdoings committed by Swaziland’s police forces and security forces towards Maxwell Dlamini and other members of Swaziland’s democratic movement are investigated, and that any perpetrators are brought before a court of law.

Please show your support for Maxwell, as well as for human rights and justice in general, by allowing us to add your name to the list of people and organisations supporting the campaign! (see list here: people and organisations that support the campaign).
Read more about Maxwell’s case here:
Read more about Maxwell Dlamini:
Read more about torture in Swaziland here:

You can also help us secure Maxwell’s release by writing a letter to Swaziland’s authorities. See how HERE

Contact the campaign here:

Read more:

Swaziland: uprising in the slip-stream of North Africa

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