Swazi police violently disperse demonstrators

Swazi police are trying to crush the Egypt and Tunisia-like uprising in Swaziland by teargasing and firing rubber bullets at demonstrators, according to Swazi journalist Manqoba Nxumalo, who is reporting from Swaziland. And the increasingly chaotic situation “has prompted the state to send in the Red Barrettes, a special branch of the Swazi Army,” according to a statement from the Swaziland Solidarity Network.

Other sources report that security forces are rounding up those that they arrest, and drive them to far-flung areas, where they are left to walk home.

“More than 80 democracy activists were detained and abducted by a team of heavily armed security personnel to a remote place, about 70 miles away from Manzini,” according to Thamsanca Tsabedze from the Foundation from Socio-Economic Justice. “They were questioned and all their names taken by police. They are presently meeting and trying to find a way home.”

“As many as two hundred people have been taken from the streets of Manzini and Mbabane and taken to forests far from the city. The protesters are expected to find their own way back to their homes. This is really terrible behaviour as it targets any individual forty and below. Every young Swazi is suspected of being a part of the uprising,” said a Swaziland Solidarity Network statement.

4 Responses to Swazi police violently disperse demonstrators

  1. Keep updating! We are many around the world watching the situation.

  2. Thulani Dvu says:

    I ‘m from the streets of Manzini and Mbabane. 1. Mbabane- There is absolutelt nothing. Security forces are just relaxed without any work to do. All the activities are in Manzini where innocent Swazis are forced by the so called democratic movements to join them. They are pulling them out from public transports to join them and throwing stones to police officers who are protecting life and property. I was a victims and many others. These people are a minority what about the mojority. Its a pity that what they are posting is absolutely the opposite I’m shocked. They just want the world to think that things are upside down.

    • Ben Nxumalo says:

      Where the hell are you from Mr Thulani Dvu? You think the footage that has been published all over the Internet has been made up? The arrests of innocent Journalists, people being piled up on pick-ups and dumped miles away without transport. I will not stoop low like you have and call you names, even though I feel I should do so. People like you should be paraded when all is done so that back stabbers like you should be known. People are struggling and you take them for granted?! This struggle will unleash the shakles that have been worn for so many years by the poor people of Swaziland.

      • Mduduzi Kunene says:

        I agree with Thualni They must leave us alone. True swazis have a right to vote at the 55 consituencies all over the country. Crisis is all over the world, in countries with parties, the truth is THERE IS NO PEACE we are far far better

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