Wikileaks: USA wants ’re-integration’ of Western Sahara

According to unsubstantiated claims in a diplomatic cable from the American Embassy in Morocco last year, posted on the Wikileaks website last Friday, “there is a significant part of the population of the Sahrawi territory [in Western Sahara], in addition to most immigrants, who support Moroccan sovereignty”. The cable refers to the “re-integration” of Western Sahara, but nowhere does it mention “self-determination”, even though both international law and several UN resolutions insist upon a referendum on the status of Western Sahara. The cable also refers to Western Sahara’s legitimate national liberation movement as a “Cuba-like” minority – hardly a term of endearment when coming from an American.

As embassies, amongst other things, function as a source of information on the countries in which they are situated, we must assume that Washington listens to its Moroccan embassy’s analysis of the situation in Western Sahara. And when such an analysis by the world’s sole superpower likens the legitimate representatives of the population in Western Sahara, Polisario, to undemocratic Cuba, and speaks of “re-integration” instead of “self-determination”, it becomes clear why there has been no solution to the conflict in Western Sahara, or at least none that reflects international law, in the last thirty years.

The cable was probably written by now former Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Morocco, Robert P. Jackson. Incidentally, Jackson was promoted to U.S. ambassador in Cameroon in October of this year. One would assume that such a promotion would indicate that Washington has been satisfied with his work at the embassy in Rabat.


WikiLeaks Western Sahara Cables Reveal Role of Ideology in State Dept., Foreign Policy in Focus, 6 December 2010

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2 Responses to Wikileaks: USA wants ’re-integration’ of Western Sahara

  1. Bashir says:

    I’m just reading up on the Western Sahara – Morocco issue. I did not know it was this serious. Reminds me of the struggle between Western Somalia also known as Ogaden Region of Ethiopia occupied by Ethiopia who refuses to give it self-determination as well. And yes you guessed correctly, Ethiopia is backed by U.S. – while they get countless amount of money for aid, then to top it off weapons you would assume to fight/combat “terrorism” in the horn of Africa.

    All that money used by the horrific ethiopian regime playing same old neo-colonial political game. You should have a section on the Ogaden region of Ethiopia and the hidden genocide. Documentary – – website

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