European Parliament ‘strongly condemns’ attack on camp in Western Sahara

Apparently, Morocco’s heavy-handed strategy in Western Sahara has finally backfired with the global attention that the raid of the protest camps in the occupied territories has received.

Today, the European Parliament passed a resolution that “expresses its greatest concern about the significant deterioration of the situation in Western Sahara and strongly condemns the violent incidents which occurred in Gdaim Izyk camp while it was being dismantled and in the town of Laâyoun”. The resolution also “deplores the loss of human life” during Morocco’s brutal raid on the peaceful protest camp, and insists that the parliament is generally “concerned” about the human rights situation in Western Sahara.

The resolution further “regrets” Morocco’s denial of media access to the occupied territories in Western Sahara, as well as Morocco’s harassment of journalists and humanitarian organisations that defy the attempted media blackout.

According to Mohamed Beissat, Polisarios representative in Europe, the resolution is a victory for the values and principles of the European Parliament. “The strong condemnation of the European Parliament has been supported unanimously and is the only adequate reply to the horrendous criminal attack of Morocco against more than 30.000 Sahrawis who have been peacefully demanding the respect of their global rights.”

Abba Malainin, Polisarios representative in Denmark, agrees. “I salute the resolution of the European Parliament, and am thankful that its decisions cannot be vetoed by powerful nations. The Moroccan Government has been taught a lesson from today’s European Parliament condemnation of its systematic human rights violations against the Saharawi people. It should now understand that the international community will no longer accept that Morocco’s violations can go on with impunity. It should also understand that a lasting and permanent solution of the issue of Western Sahara passes through the respect of the Sahrawi people right to self-determination.”


The resolution

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