Swazi PM’s World Citizen Award a hoax

The World Citizen Award, which is to be given to the Swazi Prime Minister for his “exemplary contributions to peace and human rights”, has received widespread coverage in the Swazi media as well as on various websites and Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini is all set to go to the Bahamas to receive the award, according to a statement from the Swazi Government Press Secretary Macanjana Motsa; “cabinet has approved that His Excellency the Right Honourable Prime Minister accepts this award”.

According to one of the persons alleged to be a board member of the World Citizen Award  that is to be presented to Swazi Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini, Peter Bell, the World Citizen Award is a hoax, however. “I regret to say that you and I – among others – have been victims of a hoax”, Peter Bell, a senior research fellow at Harvard, commented in a reply to an email sent to him yesterday by Danish organisation Africa Contact. The hoax is that the award is not given by the alleged board members of the World Citizen Award, but that the recipients of the awards are in effect paying to receive a bogus award. There has as of yet been no response to the claims that the award is a hoax from the Swazi government, nor has there been any statements from the World Citizen Award organisation.

According to Morten Nielsen from Africa Contact, an organisation that has followed the political developments in Swaziland for over ten years, ”it is unbelievable that the Swazi government would fall for such a hoax as they must be well aware of their appalling human rights record. According to the widely recognized Mo Ibrahim Index, that rates countries according to indicators such as human rights records and governance, Swaziland ranks a dismal 45th out of 53 African countries in the category of participation and human rights. Incidentally, this is just above Zimbabwe”.


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