Swazi police raid home of human rights lawyer

This morning, Saturday 25 September 2010 at 7 am, 12 to 15 police officers from the serious crime unit of the Manzini Regional Police Head Quarters attempted to raid the house of human rights lawyer and political activist Sipho ‘Manyovu’ Mnisi in Manzini’s Ngwane Park, according to a source in the Swaziland democracy movement.

Sipho Mnisi refused to let them inside his house, however, demanding a search warrant, which the police did not have. They instead proceeded to search his cars to check if they were stolen, and then went on to search all the other cars in the yard belonging to the landlord. Sipho Mnisi was not harmed and nothing incriminating was found.

Sipho ‘Manyovu’ Mnisi was the lawyer who fought tiredlessly to secure the release of the three Africa Contact representatives and two Foundation for Socio Economic Justice employees when they were detained by the Royal Swazi Police force on September 7, during the recent Global Day of Action in Manzini.

Sipho Mnisi is a high-profiled lawyer in Swaziland who has represented PUDEMO leader Mario Masuku on several occasions.

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    Perter is there some way for you to post your notes on SD to

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