Bheki Dlamini charged with terrorism in Swaziland

Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice Volunteer, Bheki Dlamini 28, has been charged under Swaziland’s Suppression of Terrorism Act this morning in connection with the recent bombings in the country. Bheki Dlamini, who had been kept at an undisclosed location by police, was charged at Swaziland’s high court this afternoon.

According to a representative of the Swazi democratic movement the charges are ludicrous, as he claims that Dlamini could not possibly have committed the crimes he is charged with. “Every morning Bheki Dlamini reported for work and he went home in the evening. When you look at Shiselweni and Northern Hhohho, in order for one to report for work at 8 he must be using a helicopter. So this is all utter nonsense. The state arrested him to report to their superiors that they have apprehended the bombers”.

Bheki Dlamini is the second member of the democratic movement in Swaziland to be charged within the last couple of days, SWAYOCO member Zonke Dlamini having been charged two days ago.


We were tortured to confess – bomb suspects, Times of Swaziland, 28 July 2010

SWAYOCO member slapped with six bombings charges, Times of Swaziland, 19 June 2010

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