Bomb attack on Swazi Human Rights activist’s house

A bomb destroyed the home of Human Rights activist and Swaziland United Democratic Front National Secretary, Alex Langwenya, in Bhunya Village in Western Swaziland on Tuesday June 8. Nobody was injured although the roof of the house was literally blow off and Langwenya and his family were in the house at the time. The police arrived on the scene ten minutes after the explosion to arrest Langwena, a rather preposterous way of conducting a police investigation according to Lucky Lukhele from the Swaziland Solidarity Network (SNN), who saw it as being highly unusual to arrest the victim of the crime without conducting any further investigations. “No attempt was made to pursue any would be suspects or to make preliminary investigations at the crime scene”, stated Lukhele. South African trade union federation, COSATU, and SNN both stated that they believed the reason for this was that the police themselves had planted the bomb to justify their increasingly brutal behaviour towards the democratic movement in Swaziland. Other theories include that Langwenya had himself made the bomb and it detonated accidentally, something he denies, or, as claimed by the Swazi police, that members of the democratic movement had deliberately detonated the bomb in Langwenya’s house in an attempt to play “mind games” with the police.

Langwenya’s was the sixth property to have been bombed in recent weeks in Swaziland, and the situation is increasingly resembling that of 2005, where several police stations and MP’s homes were also bombed.


I didn’t plant bomb – Alex, Times of Swaziland, 11 June 2010

Alex Langwenya’s house bombed, Times of Swaziland, 10 June 2010

Former SWAYOCO chiefs home bombed, Swazi Observer, 10 June 2010

Mysterious bomb attack on Swazi oppositional, Afrol News, 9 June 2010

COSATU statement, 9 June 2010

One Response to Bomb attack on Swazi Human Rights activist’s house

  1. Peter,

    I sent an article of a similar bomb blast that happened at Elangeni, on my business premises for your publication. I remember it was sent to morten@…….. please rectify it and contact me. It was a bomb planted by the Police force of Lobamba Police Station together with the Elangeni Chieftaincy

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