Three of the Sahrawi hunger strikers freed

Yesterday, the May 18, three of the six Sahrawi Human Rights activists that had terminated their hunger strikes on April 27 were released from Sale prison in Morocco. The three are: Yehdih Terrouzi, Rashid Sghair and Saleh Lebeihi. Both Yehdih Terrouzi and Rashid Sghayer have explained that their release had been due to international pressure and the mediation of Human Rights activists. The other activists, who are still in Sale prison, will be released shortly, according to Terrouzi.

Abba Malainin, Polisario’s representative in Denmark, agreed that the release was due to outside pressure: “Once more we see that international pressure is the only language that the Moroccan authorities understand. It has worked with the issue of Aminatou Haidar and it seems that it is working now with the group of seven”, Malainin concluded.

The activists were abducted after a visit to a Sahrawi refugee camp last October, and were to have faced a military court in Morocco, charged with treason.


Morocco releases three of six prisoners of Sale, Sahara Press Service, 19 May 2010

Los saharauis en libertad dicen que su detención ‘fue una locura de Marruecos’, El Mundo, 19 May 2010

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